Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My life completely changed 2.5 years ago with the birth of our son. It wasn't all about us anymore! I wanted to be a better person for my son to look up to. I must say, having a baby girl 3 months ago was a game changer for me. Boys are generally resilient and if you've been around my son more than 5 minutes you know how true that is. Girls are different. Girls are softer and more sensitive. Girls feel more deeply...happy and hurt.

This tiny girl will one day soon look to me as a model. She will watch me look at myself in the mirror with contempt. She will hear the hurtful things I mutter about myself throughout a hard day. She will see me stressfully snack on chips after a frustrating interaction with her brother. She will pick up on my unhealthy relationship with food despite my best efforts to hide it behind a smile. As a good student of her teacher, she will begin to imitate me. She will learn to hate her body and compare it with others she deems more beautiful. She will loathe her hair and find fault with her skin. Se will become me unless I give her a different model.

I have a responsibility to this beautiful child to show her what it is to be a woman. God gave her to me to love and lead. I don't want to teach her how to pick herself apart and run to food for solace. I want her to be confident in who God created her to be. I want my girl to be healthy in all areas. I want her to be free and full of life, so I must model a life of freedom to her. I want that to be the legacy I leave for her.

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  1. Monica, you are completely right. I will say that you are going to be a perfect example to Cora on how to be a godly woman. You are one of the most open and honest people I've ever known. I'm very proud of you, and Cora is so blessed to have you as her "teacher."