Monday, September 12, 2011

How William Fought

Braveheart is our #1 favorite movie...ever.  Celeste made me stay up late and watch it in jr. high and I was locked in from start to finish.  We have watched it so many times that often we slip in obscure quotes like "Burn it!" (said with a horrible Scottish accent, of course) into our normal conversations.  We are nerds.  But seriously what's better than a man fighting for the woman he loves and for the freedom of his country? Plus the soundtrack is great.  If you've never seen it, see it.  But what I really want to talk about today is strongholds; the things in our lives that we can't seem to shake off.

In William Wallace's day, England completely controlled Scotland.  English lords ruled in every town enforcing the wishes of King Edward I.  When a country is under the rule of another king, that king has strongholds strategically placed to keep the people under control.  In order to gain freedom, those strongholds have to be fought over and won back.  Thinking about this in terms of the Kingdom of God, we all have strongholds in our lives.  They could be addictions, worry, fear, pride, bitterness etc., but it is something in your life where the enemy has built a fort and God doesn't have control.  So I don't think the fighting for victory over strongholds in our lives is the real problem - I think it's the occupation part that trips us up.  Let me explain...

If the Scottish rebels would have fought and took over a military stronghold but didn't occupy it, the English would have marched right back in and taken over.  In order to keep the victory they had won, they had to occupy that place.  They had to fight for continued victory.  I know for myself I feel like I have fought the same battles over and over again.  So why, if when I get on my face before God and ask him to free me from this do I continue to stay in bondage?  I think it is cause I don't fight from that place that once had control over me.  I'm saying once God has given me or you victory, we are to stay there and fight for others from that place.  Instead, we tend to move on to the next issue like nothing ever happened.  God can take our issues and use them to further the Kingdom if we will let Him; if we open up and share our messy lives in a way that can minister to others.

Right now, I don't feel like I've got it all together but I am fighting for freedom.  I've got my sword in hand and am not dropping it even when it gets heavy or when I don't see anyone else fighting.  I will fight for my freedom and my prayer is that in allowing others to watch, I will be fighting for theirs, too.

"But he stood his ground and fought the Philistines until his hand was weary and stuck to the sword.  But the Lord accomplished a great victory that day."  2 Samuel 23:10

What would it look like to occupy your stay and fight?



  1. To answer your question:

    Trusting God instead of my circumstances; it's knowing that I don't have to have all of the answers nor must I have a perfect 401K savings plan. It means relying on God and not worrying about my imperfections; surrendering my constant quest to please others. Simply put, it's being the man that God created me to be. Every day.

    Living courageously, loving justice and mercy and walking humbly before my God.


    Monica, I'm so proud to be your husband and to walk with you on your journey. Your love, faith and passion for God inspires me. I love you.

  2. This is so good. What a great picture! When I started by journey to be free from codependency and anger, I was overwhelmed by the long list of issues I had. I heard Him whisper, ever so gently, "Let's just work on these two. The others can wait." So, a year and a half later, we're still working on these two. And that's okay. And what I've noticed is that these two are my ROOT issues. Perhaps, he will uproot these and the others will die!

  3. @ray Thanks, I love you too! Real glad I'm your wife.