Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Evening Post

I spent tonight at a cookout on the river with some good friends.  It was great to just sit and laugh together and watch our kids play.  Everyone was relaxed.  One of my husband's friends actually dozed off under a big oak tree while we were out there. It was a nice end to a busy week.

This week has been better than last week.  I started going back to the gym again & I am now remembering how great it feels to complete a workout.  My eating has not been so great.  I have fallen back into my normal pattern of "all or nothing" with food.  I can go from eating totally clean & healthy one day to being out of control the next.

I am praying that this week God will help me push past these urges and walk in the freedom that He has for me.  I am not committing to a diet or a plan.  My only plan is to die to myself and my destructive desires.  I know that it's possible.  I am seeing glimpses of change inside of me.  This isn't easy, but I am not quitting.



  1. Celeste, I am glad you are hanging on to God. I'm struggling with it. You and Monica give me such hope. xoxo c

  2. Same here. You go girls! Thanks for this blog. You're both so encouraging and brave. Major props to you!