Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Modern Idol

Last week, I was laying in bed praying and God told me I was acting like an Israelite in that I had set an idol before him.  I immediately got defensive and asked him how that could be possible.  I don't have any "graven images" or anything like that in my house.  Of course we all know that's not what he was talking about.  He said, "Every time you turn to food for comfort or anything other than nourishment, you are raising it up as an idol and bowing down to it."  Ummm, pardon me?  Then he flashed a picture in my mind of myself on my knees worshiping my idol.  Can I just say that I felt real embarrassed?  Still kinda am, and that's why it has taken me a week to write this post.  That is not something I wanted to see, but I couldn't argue with it.  

"Therefore, my dearly beloved, shun (keep clear away from, avoid by flight if need be) any sort of idolatry (of loving or venerating anything more that God."  1 Corinthians 10:14  Amplified Bible

My first instinct was to begin to devise a plan of action but God gently directed me toward repentance.  After that, he told me not to focus so much on what not to do but to press into his presence and through a deeper relationship with him, my desire for other things will begin to wane.  Instead of being angry and yelling at me, he showed me a pretty ugly thing in my life, but did it in the most gentle and loving way.  I thought that was very nice of him.



  1. What a good word...and a reminder to put things in perspective. God wants us to love in more than anything else - it's what He deserves.

    Proud to be your husband. Thanks for your open heart.

    Love you,

  2. Monica, your words always minister to me!