Thursday, September 29, 2011

Choose Me

Last night, I was laying in bed sorta praying; mostly "resting my eyes."  I had been thinking about the blog and wondering what I should write about next.  I've been sick for a few days and haven't been focusing on it or God much, to be honest.  So instead of coming up with something from my own head, I asked God what he wanted me to say.  I heard two words..."Choose Me."  I knew exactly what he meant.

All day, every day I am faced with choices.  Do I want to get up early and get my day started good or sleep a little longer?  Do I watch the news or read my Word?  Do I eat a salad for lunch or fried rice?  (I hate salads and hardly ever eat them, by the way.)  You get the idea, we have choices.  Throughout my day, I hear the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart and I hate to say that many times I ignore him.  "I will spend time with you as soon as I finish _____."  "Yeah, you're right, this cosmic brownie will not make me feel better about _____ but I am going to eat it anyway." It is wonderful to me the gentleness of the Holy Spirit.  The fact that he doesn't give up when I flat out ignore him.  In my disobedience, he continues to speak love, to attempt to draw me in.  He is so unlike me.  I want you to know that today God's word for me and for you is, "Choose Me."  Let him speak to your heart.  Listen.

How will you answer?


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  1. When I first saw the title, I thought, "yes, choose me" because I had been rejected (again) and I wanted these people to choose to be in relationship with me instead of being forced. I see that you had something much better to say. I'll work on the choosing God thing. It's better than what was in my mind anyway.