Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21 - Celeste

Can I be honest with you?  I am discouraged.  I want this process to be over already.  I am tired of it.  My life has been pretty stressful this week and I haven't really handled things so well. My normal reaction to stress is to eat ....  a lot.   Since I have been trying not to use food as a comfort, I find myself just being plain mad.  I have been quick tempered with my kids, rude to my husband, and a general joy to be around. 

This is dumb and embarrassing, but here it is.  I know that this is just part of the process of dying to myself but I honestly never thought it would be so hard.  I'm in the middle of the mess right now and I am trying to press through.  I so easily forget that this is a spiritual fight, not a physical one.  I know that I am not alone - God is mighty to save.

Pray for me today, please & thank you.



  1. He has overcome! But of course this is are teaching yourself to think differently. it takes a long time to retrain the brain to a different pattern. and when we are uncomfortable, we act out! hang in there. this is possible!!!!

  2. I'm feeling that there is an entity who has a vested interest in this process not succeeding. But I hear he doesn't win in the end. I feel discouragement too. My family is falling apart right now and thinking of keeping daily goals is so far from my mind. But if we make it through this challenge in one piece (even if it is a battered piece), we will be all the more ready to meet whatever the next challenge is. Please pray for us as well. It is a comfort that we are lifting each other up.


    The last paragraph is what got me.

  4. Celeste, you are amazing. So often I chose to battle issues that I know the Lord has already given me freedom from. For some reason I choose to go back and get tangled in the issue I was just free from. I am so proud of you for continually choosing freedom. Don't be so proud of where you have come. I think back to a few months ago and seeing you get your hair cut at Monicas and debating if you even start a blog. And look where you are now. Your words and obedience are powerful and redeeming in so many ways. Love to you. Happy thanksgiving!