Saturday, November 26, 2011


We are on Day 26 of this 30 Day Challenge!  It's the home stretch, yay!!  How has it been for everyone?  After it's over, I'll do a big overview of the whole thing.  I kinda dread the brutal honesty that will be all up on this blog in a few days.  What am I saying?  We are always brutally honest over here.

The past few days have been SO much fun!  Celeste and I have hung out for the past 5 days straight.  I can't remember the last time that's happened.  We have done tons of crafty crafts, watched movies, played games, laughed a lot, and played Let's Dance on the Wii.  Actually she just watched and laughed as I made a fool out of myself.  I even talked my husband into doing a number with me.  It was amazing. 

I am so Thankful for our family.  Whenever we get together, it will be fun and I know we will laugh a ton.  This week has been so much fun!  Don't worry, we are getting back on the blogging train.



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