Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Sisterly Kick In The Pants

I got called out today.  There are two people that I cannot hide from:  God and my sister.  I have been slipping up for almost a week now and I didn't even have to tell Monica, she just knew it.  After a very long and stressful day I found myself being wooed by the siren's call that is the Taco Bell drive-thru.  Ever since then, it's like I can't jump back on board.  I have been kinda coasting along this week, still reading this great book, but only allowing it to get in my head instead of my heart.

Well, Miss Monica called me out today on the whole thing and, boy am I glad she did.  She confronted me and told me exactly what I needed to hear.  It seems like that conversation is exactly what I needed to snap out of this fog I have been in.

Let me just tell you how unbelievably thankful I am to have her holding me accountable on this journey.  I am a firm believer that having an accountability partner is crucial to this process.  If you do not have someone that you can be completely honest with and who will push you toward your goal, I think you need to find that person today.  I know,  I know - it isn't easy being open and honest about the ugly parts of our lives but it is an integral part of dying to ourselves and being set free from the things that tangle us up.

So, thank you, sister.  I needed that.


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  1. oh, how i know the pattern of one little slip leading to another and another and another. so gald you have your sis who recognized it early and had the courage to speak up. lifting you both in prayer right now.