Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sharpening Iron

God is so nice.  He really is.  I've gotta tell you what he did for me this week.  

So after I posted my blog the other day talking about my struggle with sugar (really food in general) I had several close friends text or comment such encouraging words.  I felt such love!  Two friends were quite impactful though 'cause they were pretty much sent by God to speak into my situation.  One girl is on the other side of the struggle and the other girl is in the trenches with me.  So now I have someone giving me hope that I too can walk in wholeness and freedom.  I also have an accountability partner who is choosing to give up the same thing I am.  

What the heck?  

How cool is that?  


I know some people probably think God doesn't give a crap about things like what we eat or read or watch or ingest in any other way.  I beg to differ.  These two amazing ladies in my life are proof that it matters.  That he would love me enough to send reinforcements is amazing.  

We were made to live in community with one another.  We make each other better...usually.  This is why it's important to have people around us to say the hard things.  If we can't be vulnerable and a little embarrassed sometimes we miss out on incredible growth and deep relationships.

So yeah, it's been a good week so far.  I've done things differently and I feel good about it.  I've done hard things this week and I've relied on God's strength to get me through.  

When God lays someone on your heart, don't hesitate to contact them.  He could be up to something amazing!

Thanks for all the love,



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